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A message from babylon5scripts.com

I received the following from the person in charge of babylon5scripts.com, who as you'll see asked me to pass it along to the Lurker's Guide's audience.

Joe is traveling outside the country right now and asked that I write you to enroll your help.

As you know the site launched last Saturday, October 29th. At that time, and as promised, we sent an email to all subscribers on the mailing list. Shortly thereafter we discovered that most people did NOT get the mailing, including Joe and myself. (That's how we knew for sure that we had a problem).

Also, based on feedback sent in after mailing, many people who wanted the alert not only did not get it, there were automatically unsubscribed off the list because their ISP bounced it before they even got it.

To solve this we have to moved the list to a service who has vowed to get it right for us. So tomorrow night, Thursday, we are going to officially re-launch our email alert list with a new service.

The only snag is that some people who unsubscribed off the previous mailing may get this one and will have to re-unsubscribe again. We feel awful about this. Even though this is a small, small percentage of the list we want to apologize ahead of time and assure them that once they unsubscribe this time, it will never happen again.

It is possible for you to pass this message along to your visitors?

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Last update: November 3, 2005