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As the Centauri war escalates, a Narn warcruiser seeks help from Babylon 5. Earth takes a position in the war. Keffer makes a terrifying discovery. Kosh takes a drastic step to save a life. Roy Dotrice as Frederick Lantze. John Vickery as Mr. Welles. Rick Hamilton as Mitch. Robin Sachs as Na'Kal.
P5 Rating: 9.40

Production number: 222
Original air date: August 15, 1995 (UK)
                   November 1, 1995 (US)
DVD release date: April 29, 2003

Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Janet Greek

An episodic soundtrack is available.

Think twice before reading what's below if you haven't seen the episode -- major spoilers follow!


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Originally compiled by Jason Snell.

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