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Sheridan's search for his father leads him into danger on Mars. Lyta warns Franklin of an impending clash between telepaths and mundanes. Garibaldi chooses between loyalty to Sheridan and to Edgars. Richard Gant as Captain MacDougan. Denise Gentile as Lise. Walter Koenig as Bester. Marjorie Monaghan as Number One. Mark Schneider as Wade. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as William Edgars.
P5 Rating: 9.26

Production number: 417
Original air week: June 9, 1997
DVD release date: January 6, 2004

Written by J. Michael Straczynski
Directed by Mike Vejar

An episodic soundtrack is available.

Warning: This episode reveals a lot of information, and there are spoilers below. Think twice before reading on if you haven't seen the episode.

Plot Points

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