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music for film (sampler '98)
music for film(sampler '98)

Stan Ridgway's Music For Film (Sampler '98) is, as the name suggests, a sampler of music created for films. Specifically, the music is for the following films:

So, what's it like? It's soundtrack music. All instrumentals, and designed to enhance a movie without being overly noticible. If you like alternative soundtracks—if you liked the released soundtrack to The Drywall Incident—then you'd like Music For Film (Sampler '98).

frequently asked questions
I already asked a couple of questions about it, so I can answer the following soon-to-be frequently asked questions:
Is Music For Films (Sampler '98) destined for release, and if so, when and by what label?
Its just a sampler at this time intended for filmakers to show them what SR has done so far with film.

Lucinda's Got A Problem and Blue Fog from The Drywall Incident sound very similar. Are they exactly the same, or are they different somehow?
The director for Melting Pot dug the Drywall Incudent Music and wanted to use it so SR did a cover of himself on that piece for the new film. Its a variation.

hear it yourself!
As per usual Beyond Tomorrow style, we've got some samples for you to enjoy. All samples are MP3 files, and they are virtually CD quality (stereo, 128k/sec). To listen to 'em, you'll need an MP3 player, a special piece of software that turns MP3 files back into sound. They're easy to use; they work just like little CD players, except they play files. Where can you get one? Head to and poke around. They've got 'em for all platforms. If you're a Windows user, WinAmp is a good choice. I haven't used any MP3 players on other platforms; feel free to send me mail and recommend one if you find one that works well for you and I'll mention it on the site.

End Titles from Melting Pot (2:25, 2.3MB)
Main Titles from Error In Judgement (2:59, 2.9MB)

track list
Tracks 1-6 from the motion picture Melting Pot
  1. Main Title 1:49
  2. Lucinda's Got A Problem 3:53
  3. Chase The Shooter, Gustavo 1:48
  4. Fire Your Wife 1:11
  5. Dead Man On The Sidewalk 1:16
  6. End Titles 2:30
Tracks 7-12 from the motion picture Error In Judgement
  1. Main Title 2:59
  2. Sex Nightmare #1 3:09
  3. Lix Is Paranoid 3:04
  4. Jack Is A Detective 1:32
  5. Sex Nightmare #2 2:42
  6. Eric Is Not To Be Trusted 7:30
Tracks 13-18 from the short film The Drywall Incident
  1. Main Title 3:44
  2. Wextun Burns The Money 1:08
  3. Ivan Walks For Food 6:02
  4. Ridgway Is Overserved 1:30
  5. Jackie Lazar Is A Big Liar 1:37
  6. Hell In A Handbasket 2:14

liner notes
all music by stan ridgway
copyright dis-information music BMI

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