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"At least I'll know where to go when I forget who I am."
—Stan Ridgway, regarding the
Beyond Tomorrow website, April 7th, 1998

link to beyond tomorrow
If you'd like to link to Beyond Tomorrow, feel free––I hereby officially give you permission. If you like, you can send me email letting me know about it.

I've been asked to provide a link graphic for people who want the link to look snazzy. Well, I did a nice big one, and also a smaller one, and you're welcome to use either one if you like. There's one set for pages with light backgrounds, and another for pages with dark backgrounds. (Matching the graphic to your page color helps it look better.) I've even provided sample HTML code for you––just cut and paste.

design and aesthetics (also known as pet peeves)
Hi, I'm Larry Hastings. I did the entire web site design myself, according to my tastes. And as long as I'm running the site, you can be sure of a few things:

the name of the site
In case you missed it, Beyond Tomorrow was the closing track on Stan's 1991 release Partyball. It was an excellent track, and I think it's an excellent, futuristic name for a web site.

But there's another reason I picked it. Somewhere, off in a dusty closet somewhere, in a folder with the Newspapers autograph, I have an autograph from Stan I got in 1991 that simply says "Beyond tomorrow! Stan Ridgway" This was the tour before Partyball was released, and you know, I have this (totally unsubstantiated) sneaking suspicion that Beyond Tomorrow was supposed to be the title of that album. Well, either that, or Stan was in a whimsical mood. (Which I can vouch for. I caught him as he was sitting in the balcony of the now-defunct San Jose club The Oasis, smokin' and drinkin' and making fun of the opening band The Rebel Pebbles––presumably also defunct.)

I've heard a lot of information on Stan Ridgway, and I've heard a lot of music. But I haven't heard it all.

If you have any leads on this information, or anything else that might be interesting to readers of Beyond Tomorrow, please don't hesitate to mail me at Thanks.

I'm still looking for the following:
  • Exercise, the cassette-only bonus track for Call Of The West
  • Dance Of Death, the Wall Of Voodoo bootleg
  • a rumored Wall Of Voodoo appearance on The King Biscuit Flour Hour

The following lyrics still have "unclear" sections:
  • Back Towards Diamond Bar
  • Bel Air Blues
  • Big American Problem
  • Bing Can't Walk ('Cause Bob Broke Both His Legs)
  • Crack The Bell
  • Deep Inside We're Blue
  • Foggy River
  • Funzone
  • Hear That Bird
  • Highway Song
  • My Drug Buddy
  • Nadine
  • Spy World
  • Stormy Side Of Town
  • Susie Before Sunrise
  • The Last Honest Man (the alternate live lyrics for the second stanza)
  • Time Wave Zero

anything else?
I take submissions here at Beyond Tomorrow, and I'll give you credit for it. Fan stories for Mementos, old news stories or interviews for Trivia–– if you think Stan fans would be interested in reading it (or hearing it!), send it on in!

When I put out the call, the help started pouring in. Already I've got a list of people to thank:
Adrian Oates
for steering me towards a copy of Fly On The Wall for eight bucks! It's shown up, and information from it will start filtering out onto the site over the next couple of months. Thanks, Adrian!
Craig Sonneschein
for suggestions on unclear lyrics. Thanks, Craig!
John Trivisonno
for sending in the complete "aside" to The Big Heat and suggestions on unclear lyrics. Thanks, John!
Plus, thanks to Clark Price, John LeTourneau, and Ms. Viexudo for linking to me from their Stan/WOV pages. Thanks, guys!

This site was done without the authorization or consent of Stan Ridgway or any of his record labels. Lyrics reprinted without permission. All copyrights are the property of their respective owners. (Which strikes me as a tautology, but I think it helps, legally speaking.)

All text and images internally on this web site are Copyright 1998 by Larry Hastings, except where otherwise noted.

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