Legal Issues

Some "concerns" have an irrational fear of all things MP3 - just the mere mention makes them sweat, veins stand out on their foreheads and visions of suing copyright lawyers dance before them. But don't panic because I have done the hard work for you, contacted the copyright holder and...

I have official permission to use the interviews from the Fly On The Wall promotional CD and associated Mosquitos press releases from Stan Ridgway himself (via webmaster Clark Price) at the official Stan Ridgway Dis-Info site.

Here is a copy of the email that I received granting me this permission:

Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 21:40:40 -0800
To: Adrian Oates 
Subject: Re: Copyright question

Hey !
There is NO PROBLEM with SR or Geffen in doing what ya got in mind....GO
AHEAD! ITS COOL! Sr owns it all and he says cool... You have SR's Approval
and let us know when you get it up and we'll link it to Dis -Info.
All the best. Clark and Agatha Price @ dis-info

Therefore any interested parties should contact Clark Price at regarding any further proof or problems that they have with me putting this material on my site.

Thank you for your attention - and now back to our scheduled programme...

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