Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 01:07:25 -0700
From: clark price 
Organization: sr dis-information
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Subject: Ridgway Plays Reno Next Weekend / Free Show

Friday June 22nd 2000

Hello ..hello...It me. Your friendly virtual web presence communicating to you here from the deep dark corridors of SR Dis-Information. Yes its time for me and the band to play RENO, NV. this coming WEEKEND @ the RENO HILTON's fab and cool "Garage Casino" - Friday the 30th of June and Sat. July 1st.

And guess what? The whole thing is FREE for ALL! No addmission is required! Ya just have to come to the casino! And there we will be. Shows start at around 10 PM. I guess the Hilton thinks that my crowd gambles so much they'll make it back on all my high rolling gamers. But ya know what? Ya don't have to spend a dime if ya don't want there Hilton. nyah...

Yes...its come to this. We make a lota cash and then we gamble it on high stakes blackjack hoping for that big bonanza to strike. I feel lucky, don't you?

JUNE 30th and JULY 1st @ The RENO HILTON in Reno NV / A FREE SHOW! SR Plays in the famous "Garage" Casino Lounge!! Make it a weekend in Reno! / showtimes: 10 pm INFO on THE SHOW: ph. (775) 789-2404 and Hotel Reservations: ph. (775) 789-2129

Friday May 26th 2000

Looks like we'll be in Paris, France this September 17th throught the 30th at the Chesterfield's Club. Ahh Paris..the city of light... We'll play 10 nights all together. At the same place. This starts to remind me of Branson, Missouri.

Come one, Come all to Paris this September.

Also the UK tour is shaping up around the same time. More about that later cats and kitties...

LINK OF THE WEEK! / One of My HEROES...SAM PHILLIPS and His Memphis Recording Service. There should be a statue of Sam in front of every public building all over this great land...