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Subject: Stan tours Portland, Seatlle, Vancouver in MAY

Stan Ridgway and Band- the endless tour.....

                                         NEW TOUR DATES!

                                 April 12th THURS. @ Peabobody's Down Under / Cleavland, OHIO TIX: (216)-241-2451

                                April 13th FRIDAY @ CLUB LAGA in PITTSBURGH! TIX: (412)-682-2050

                               April 14th Ferndale, MI (Detroit) @ Magic Bag TIX: (248)-544-1991 (SOLD OUT!)

                                April 16th Sunday / Chicago @ Shuba's TIX: (773)-525-2508

         May 11th Thursday  - PORTLAND (?)

         May 12th Friday  - SEATTLE (?)

         May 13th  Saturday VANCOUVER (?)

         May 20th Saturday  - Pensocola Florida - SPRING FEST 2000 TIX: (call pensocola...)

                                  June 10th SAT. THE COACH HOUSE TIX: (949)-496-8930

                                  JUNE 17th SAT. THE ROXY / Los Angeles TIX: (310)-278-9457

         JUNE 30th / The Reno Hilton Casino / FREE to the public!
         JULY 1st / The Reno Hilton Casino / FREE to the public!

we will send you more info to come on the portland, seatlle, vancouver dates.....just letting you know as WE know...yo!
DIST. by SONY / RED.....
The musicians with Stan Ridgway on this tour are these wonderful and talented peoples...
Pietra Wexstun: keyboards, ouji board and van games
David Sutton: acoustic and electric bass, arizona weather reports
Joe Berardi : drums and percussion, solfegio and frair's's club membership
Rick King: guitar, wine, drinking buddy and jazz chords

Stan's Manager...
Jackie "teak" Lazar, talent scout and BIG WHEEL,  has requested journey on this tour......
Stan Ridgway
New West NW6010

Cult post-modern balladeer (of Camouflage fame) hits artistic paydirt

Many folks have a soft spot for Stanard Ridgway.
His track record is lovable, be it the fabulously off-kilter
Wall of Voodoo or his UK Number 4 solo hit Camouflage,
which both celebrated and parodied the death song.
But if you pick this up for sheer sentiment, you have a
cracking surprise in store.
Anatomy is Wonderful.

Now ploughly an independent furrow - somewhere
between Johnny Cash and The Triffids - he's never
sounded better.

Weird, wry, desolate tales of assorted misfits and mishaps
illustrated with superb arrangements and hooks such as
the harmonica lick on Picasso's Tears or the gorgeous
pedal steel refrain in Whistle for Louise.
Impossible to dislike.

Q Rating - *****

Written by Stuart Maconie.


1. Free MP3 download of "Free of It All" By Stan and Stewart Copeland from the "Simpatico" movie starring Nick
Nolte, Sharon Stone and Jeff Bridges. From the soundtrack CD. This ya gtota hear! Way cool. Brought to you by the
Beyond Tomorrow pages.

2. Ridgway Video Archive in Quicktime for download.
Loop him. Compress him. Throw him into Imovie and cut him up to your heart's content. Just don't hurt him or we'll send
some goons to yer house...Brought to you by the UltraModern pages.

3. Stan Ridgway Talks "Anatomy" the new CD w Stan's Favorite Links! Its a cyber-link riot!
All the blab, all the time. The man speaks and we listen. Then we go to his links and get lost.  If you haven't read this yet
NOW you must! You owe it to yer bad self.

4. "The Race" , a film Stan scored the music to, is NOW PLAYING on SHOWTIME! It stars Cliff Robertson,
Paul Rodriguez and CCH Pounder. A political thriller set in Los Angeles. Directed by Tom Musca, ("Stand and Deliver",
"Money for Nothing"). The music is awesome! No soundtrack recording yet. Check your guides for showtimes.

Stan Ridgway at UltraModern

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