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Subject: Stan Ridgway on Tour 2000

Stan Ridgway on TOUR!!

Don't forget these upcoming dates ....Stan Ridgway and BAND LIVE!

April 12th / Cleavland Flats, Ohio / Peabody's Down Under Tix: 216-241-2451

April 13th FRIDAY @ CLUB LAGA in PITTSBURGH! TIX: 412-682-2050

April 14th Ferndale, MI (Detroit) @ Magic Bag TIX: 248-544-1991

April 16th Sunday / Chicago @ Shuba's TIX: 773-525-2508


May 18th / Atlanta, Georgia / Variety Playhouse Tix: 404-524-7354

May 20th SAT. - Pensocola Florida - Spring Fest 2000 TIX: TBA

June 10th SAT. THE COACH HOUSE TIX: 949-496-8930

June 17th SAT. THE ROXY / Los Angeles TIX: 310-278-945

June 31st at the RENO HILTON

July 1st at the RENO HILTON  ...FREE! to the public!!!


best to all...

clark and agatha price @ dis-info

an article from ann arbour...

Stan Ridgway / ANATOMY

Lost in the minor chords of old cowboy songs, tangled in the tendrils of
smoke from a forgotten cigarette, and mired in the leftover gum stuck
beneath the counter, the epic drama of Stan Ridgway's musical pulp fiction
carefully unfolds. The vaudevillian former lead singer of L.A.'s punk noir
band Wall of Voodoo conjures two decades of colorful characters this month
at the Magic Bag from a lifetime of fascination with entertainment.

The humor that informs his music began with dummies and ended with
geniuses. "At about 10 I got myself a ventriloquist dummy," Ridgway
recalls. Inspired by popular children's television show host Paul
Winchell, he organized elaborate theatrical- shows in his backyard.
Although he gave it up, he developed a powerful voice and a healthy
interest in the verbal acrobatics of Iyrical comedians like George Carlin,
Lenny Bruce and Lord Buckley.

His passion for cinema seeps into his style. As a kid, he was captivated
by the classic 1933 monster movie King Kong, featuring groundbreaking
animation and intense scoring. The dangerous mood of the film noir era
spawns the detectives, criminals and spies that populate his songs.

An appreciation for epic songwriting infuses his storytelling. His
father's Marty Robbins record' Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs, amazed
Ridgway. "I thought 'El Paso' was fabulous it was like a movie." His
guitar teacher steered him towards powerful Iyricists, including witty
blues guitarist L ightnin' Hopkins and brilliantly understated jazz
pianist Mose Allison. "My favorite songwriters are people that present
something to chew on."

Cloaked in spectacle, Ridgway's music belies subtle insight. After giving
up on being a rock star to form a Hollywood soundtrack company that became
the popular punk band Wall of Voodoo, he eventually left to pursue a quiet
solo career and movie scoring. "You've got to keep a sense of humor about
the ironies," he suggests.

-Mark Ziemba - Current Entertainment Monthly -- Ann Arbor, MI

Stan Ridgwayplays theMagic Bag in Ferndale on Friday, April 4.
Tickets are $12, available via TicketMaster at (248) 645-6666.