sr lives again!
stan ridgway
live at the coach house
june 2nd, 2001
just a snippet
And so it goes. I've been busy with lots of other media, so I haven't ever gotten around to converting the whole show into MP3s. But here are all the tracks I've converted so far, from Stan's live show at the Coach House in 2001.

There are more live gems waiting to be converted, like the excellent alternate version of Wild Bill Donovan, but for now please download and enjoy these four tasty morsels.

The Big Heat (Hip Hop Mix)
4:51, MP3 format, 6.86MB
The excellent slow-groove version.
Man Of Stone (Riffin')
4:53, MP3 format, 6.87MB

The Last Honest Man
3:38, MP3 format, 5.30MB
With the special alternate verse in the middle! Check the lyrics to see what I mean.
An Act Of Faith
4:01, MP3 format, 5.65MB
The first live performance, eight months before it would be available on CD. I prefer this version, but then maybe I'm just sentimental.
I strongly recommend you right-click (for you Mac users, click-and-hold) and choose "Save Target As...". This will save the file to your computer, so you can play it back as many times as you like.

Stan Ridgway: vocals, guitar, harmonica
Mark Shultz: lead guitar
Pietra Wexstun: keyboards
Joe Berardi: drums
David Sutton: acoustic bass
and maybe, maybe, Rick King: lead guitar...?

SR Lives Again!: Stan Ridgway, Live at the Coach House, June 2nd, 2001 / Larry Hastings /