[jackie the song stylings of jackie "teak" lazar

a lifetime of service
For those of you unfamiliar with this great, great man, Jackie "Teak" Lazar is one of Hollywood's movers and shakers. He describes himself as "Talent Scout and Big Wheel". Jackie has managed Stan Ridgway for much of his solo career, and like most people in "the business" Stan is in Jackie's debt for many (most! maybe even all!) of the breaks he's had.

jackie the crooner
But there's another side to Jackie: the singer. Yes, Jackie's talents don't end at artist management; he's also no slouch when it comes to belting out the tunes. Many of Stan's fans were pleasantly surprised with Jackie's contribution to Holiday In Dirt: the secret bonus track, that classic country ballad, Behind Closed Doors.

And now I'm proud to present to you three additional songs performed by Jackie. Listen for yourself, and ponder—who has the greater talent?

Always On My Mind
MP3 format, 3.29MB
Performed by Jackie "Teak" Lazar (with help from Lambchop and another Very Special Guest)
A Very Good Year
MP3 format, 3.84MB
Performed by Jackie "Teak" Lazar
This third song was lost in the archives and recently rediscovered! Unearthed and presented here for your singular listening pleasure, here in 2004.
The Wayward Wind
MP3 format, 2.69MB
Performed by Jackie "Teak" Lazar, added
I strongly recommend you right-click (for you Mac users, click-and-hold) and choose "Save Target As...". This will save the file to your computer, so you can play it back as many times as you like.

In case you're not in on the joke: Jackie "Teak" Lazar is a ventriloquist dummy owned and operated by Mister Stan Ridgway. It's all a big gag, and Stan sang all these songs himself in a funny voice. Honest.

The Song Stylings Of Jackie "Teak" Lazar / Larry Hastings / larry@hastings.org