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notes on the lyrics
A lot of Stan's lyrics are formatted in the liner notes as straight prose, rather than in the more traditional poetic form. Perhaps Stan likes it, perhaps you do, but frankly I don't. I like to read the lyrics along with the music, and lyrics formatted traditionally are easier to read. Form follows function, so I've elected to reformat the lyrics in traditional form.

There are some spots that I couldn't make out; they have been formatted in italics and surrounded by chevrons, like this example from Time Wave Zero:

Monkey man knows « what he's shuckin »
If you know what he's sayin', please email me. Thanks.

the index masters (1980)

dark continent (1982)

call of the west (1983)

the big heat (1987)

mosquitos (1989)

partyball (1991)

songs that made this country great (1992)

work the dumb oracle (1995)

black diamond (1996)

film songs (1997)

anatomy (1999)

holiday in dirt (2002)

snakebite (2004)

barbecue babylon (2005)


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